Things to Consider Before You Place Your Tennis Bets

With so many sports to bet on Tennis is often overlooked. An exciting game, not many people understand the stamina and mental strength required to win. A sport where you are truly betting on the athlete, and where games can run into hours, tennis provides some excellent betting opportunities.

The best tournaments to bet on are what we call the ‘majors’ or Grand Slams. The Grand Slam® tournaments are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open, giving you plenty of betting action all year round.

Do Your research

To bet you must first understand the game and the rules, and tennis has some fun terminology.

Tennis is played in sets, which consist of a minimum of six games, as that is the minimum number of wins required in a set. The maximum number of sets that can be played are five for men and three for women.

The points and corresponding calls are:


Usually the server’s points are called first.

Understand the Surfaces

Each surface has a Course Pace Rating which indicates the speed of the court. The CPR measures the speed that the ball will travel after a bounce, and its vertical restitution.

Court CategoryCourt Pace Rating
1: Slow< 29
2: Medium-slow30-34
3: Medium35-39
4: Medium-fast40-44
5: Fast>45

Once you’ve done your bitcoin betting and you know what surface the game will be on, you can start examining the stats of the players and their performance on those surfaces.

The Grand Slam surfaces are clay, grass, and hard. Clay surfaces slow the ball, grass is a faster court but absorbs a lot of energy resulting in a lower bounce, and hardcourts fall between these two.

Know Your Players

Each player has different strengths, knowing the players and how they have competed previously can make or break your bets.

Find out if your players are left or right handed and which is their strongest arm. A lefty up against a strong server that favours the right, is going to have a tough game. Check if your player is defensive or a decent all-rounder.

Is your player in the right head space? Check the news for poor performances or other indicators that may affect their concentration. Look at their ranking, injuries, and previous matches against their opponent.

Types of Bets.

  • Outright bets – The simplest bet, you choose the player that will take the cup.
  • Match bets – Here you bet on which player or team will take a match.
  • Handicap bets – You win or lose based on the margin you betted on.
  • Over/Under bets – How many sets will be played

Start Keeping a Record

This is a good habit to cultivate for all sport betting NZ. Keeping a record of how you do with the bets you’ve placed will help you to improve. With regular review you will be able to see which calls you are most consistent with and how you made them. This helps when you want to place some big money on a future game.

Tennis is a fast-paced game and can make for some intense betting action. Once you’ve wrapped your head around the basics, step it up with some in-game bets.