The Most Popular AFL Betting Options Online

The Australian Football League, or AFL as it is most commonly referred to, is the paramount professional competition for Australian Rules football. By means of the AFL Commission, it also serves as the governing body for the sport, and the responsibility for controlling the laws that the game is subject to lies with it.

An Array of AFL Bet Types Available Online

There are a number of different markets made available to punters by the bookmakers offering access to these games by means of the World Wide Web, and these can roughly be grouped into bets which have the punter betting on a match and those that fall under the category of futures betting. These options expand further into even more markets, and this means that punters interested in the AFL have a huge variety of bets from which to choose.

AFL Wagers for Betting on the Match

The most basic of the bet types, the head to head wager, requires simply that punters try to predict which team they feel is most likely to win the match in question. If they turn out to be correct, their payouts will be made according to the amount they wagered and the odds that were in place for their bet.

The line, or handicap bet has the bookmaker opening the market and giving odds for a favourite: which team the bookmaker feels is most likely to win the match. A line is then formed, in order to make the match fairer, and this is composed of a handicap being place on the favourite, and an advantage given to the team deemed the underdog.

The margin bet has the punter predicting not only which team they feel will win the match, but also guessing the margin by which that team will do so. The odds for these are increased, and this means that there is a big potential for extra profit for punters who manage to get their numbers right with these kinds of wagers.

The fundamental margins that are in use for the AFL betting margins are 1-39 and 40+. As an example, the punter betting that a team would win by five points placing a bet on the first margin would see a payout as a result of his or her prediction.

Live online betting NZ options for AFL matches are increasing in popularity thanks to the World Wide Web –punters are able to watch the games and place wagers by means of a variety of devices as they do, including by means of most smartphones and tablets. Gone are the days when operators would need to be contacted by telephone in order to lay a bet, and the instant access the internet enables has revolutionised this kind of AFL Grand Final betting.

Futures Betting Options for AFL Matches

Futures bets are those that have punters predicting results weeks, or even months, before the match or the decision which the wager is based on will be made. The most common examples of futures best for the AFL include minor premiers; top eight; premiership winner; and Brownlow Medal.