Interesting Wagers for NASCAR

Find out more about the staking flexibility folks who love the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing enjoy! As you make your way through this list, however, bear in mind that payouts are calculated according to the difficulty of the thing you bet on occurring. The more challenging something is to guess at, the higher the return you will get if you end up being right.

Fastest Lap Time

Fastest Lap Time is an interesting bet that rewards you for choosing the driver to have the quickest lap during the race correctly. It doesn’t matter who ends up winning, just who managed the speediest circuit.

So if a driver completes a round in record time in the fifth lap and then crashes, you will still collect your return, as long as no one else beats that time. Bear in mind that this wager is not an average. It only deals with the swiftest lap time during the race, barring the qualifying circuit.

Podium Finish

Have you ever had a gut feeling that a certain driver is going to do well in an upcoming NASCAR race but you weren’t sure that they’d end up taking the title? If you have, then the Podium Finish stake is going to be perfect for you.

For this bet, the driver you choose only needs to finish in one of the top three positions for you to win. It doesn’t matter which one, and you won’t get anything extra paid out if they take first instead of second or third, or second instead of third. A nice aspect of this wager is that you can stake on several drivers at once and still end up turning a profit.

Pole Position

This stake can be incredible fun. It leverages your knowledge on who the quickest driver is when the track is empty. The Pole Position bet asks you to wager on which driver is going to have the best qualifying time. It’s an entertaining option for if you want to get into the action between races and it can be very lucrative if you’re clued up on particular drivers and teams.

To Win Outright

This is the simplest stake and thus the most popular one, with both bettors who’ve been in the game for many years and those just finding their feet. You need to choose which driver you think will win the NASCAR, and if you’re right, you’ll collect.

One of the advantages of this wager is that you will get paid out much better than even money if your pick ends up being correct. Sure, it’s tougher to make the right choice, but the incentive for you to do so is right there, in dollars and cents! You can even go so far as to stake on several drivers to take first place. Usually, the odds are so good that if one of your picks takes the chequered flag home, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!