Information About Greyhound Race Bet Types

Wagering on the outcome of a Greyhound Race makes an already thrilling spectacle that much more exciting. There are many options for bettors to take advantage of and they suit a range of budgets.

The Each Way Wager

This bet gives you a little wiggle room and is perfect if you’re not certain which dog is going to win an upcoming race. It’s effectively two wagers on the same animal, with half your money going towards it winning and the remainder going on it placing. So, if the dog wins, you’ll win twice over and if it comes in second or third you’ll still collect.

Each Ways offer a sort of insurance policy, helping to ensure you don’t go home with nothing.

The Forecast Bet

There are a few different Forecast Wagers for Races, each with its own odds and rules.

  • Exacta

Very similar to the Straight, this wager has 2 minimum bets, but how much you stand to win differs from race to race. This is because it relies on the dividend of the Tote Pool.

  • Straight

The only thing required of you when making a Straight Forecast bet is predicting which dogs will come in first and second. They will need to do so in that exact order for you to collect.

  • Tricast

The name will give you a hint with this Forecast variation. You need to guess which dogs will win, place second, and come in third in the correct order. As difficult as this one is to predict correctly, the odds reflect the higher risk you’re taking. You will walk away with a very full wallet if you get it right!

  • Trifecta

Trifecta wagers work very much the same as Tricast bets. You have to guess the dogs to place first, second, and third in the right order. The difference is that Trifecta bets have a 2 stake minimum. But the similarity is that if your predictions turn out correctly, you’ll collect returns with magnificent odds.

Reverse Forecast Bet

This is a variation on the Forecast wager. You still have to name the dogs to come in first, second, and third, but it doesn’t matter what order they arrive in. As long as the names you gave appear in the first three places, you’re good.

Place Bet

This is a bet on a single animal to come in first, second, or third. So the animal you picked doesn’t need to win for you to collect, it simply has to finish in the first three positions. While the odds for this wager are not as attractive as some others, the security it offers is the trade-in you’re making. After all, a small win is better than a loss!

Win Bet

Win wagers are what they say they are. You need to name the animal you think will win the event and it’s the most simple, straightforward bet you can imagine. The longer the odds, the better the returns, however, and you can significantly increase how much you end up collecting by doing the proper research and placing your bet in good time.