Greatest Football Betting Sites & Odds

Today, there are hundreds of different sports available online that bettors can wager on, ranging from tennis to cricket to volleyball. And while all these sports have their own devoted following, there is no other sport in the world that has the massive international fandom that football commands. Football is played across the world, from the bottom of the South America to the top of Northern Europe, and there are dozens of international championships and tournaments being played every year, as well as thousands of different games.

All this together has created a football betting scene without equal, to the point where football betting makes up over 70% of the total sports betting done online. With this comes an unprecedented amount of choice for both new and experienced bettors, and finding a site that offers all the benefits of online football betting can be quite the undertaking.

The History of Football Betting

The first form of football betting began in the 1920s within the United Kingdom, where a group of bettors would all wager on a certain football game or event, creating a betting pool. William Hill started the first fixed odds football betting almost 20 years later in the 1940s, where punters would be able to take out bets against the house, giving bettors the chance to make larger amounts of money. It was not until the 1960s, when football betting regulations changed in the UK did the pastime really begin to take off and become the behemoth of an industry that it is today.

As the types of bets offered increased, so did the popularity of the sports as a betting medium, until today where there are now thousands of bookmaking websites online that offer countless choice of betting methods. Football betting can be done on any day, at any type of the day, with a long list of wagering choices available.

Football Betting Methods

While there have always been the common types of gambling, the Internet has allowed new and complex betting methods to blossom, and bookmakers have gone to great length to ensure that bettors have access to these different methods on a global scale. Outright results, accumulators, perfect score, goals and scores bets, and card bets are just some of the many types of betting that can be found online, each with its own learning curve, odds, and pros and cons.

Additionally, there are a number of bookmakers that offer live streams of all games, where bettors can watch and make bets as the game is being played, as well as unique bonuses only offered during special events such as football tournaments or IPL cricket at the leading cricket betting sites

Football Betting in New Zealand

Most bettors from New Zealand will undoubtedly know about the grey area that gambling sits in within the country, where all local betting is heavily monopolised by the government while offshore gambling is unregulated. Fortunately for New Zealand bettors, there are more than enough online bookmakers that offer their services to all residents of the country, all with included betting options and benefits.