Great Cricket Wagers Explained By Experts

Cricket has been played in Australia for 200+ years, with the first recorded match in this country unfolding in December 1803. Staking on the game and its players has been around for probably just as long and it is safe to say there are some fantastic options awaiting savvy online bettors.

Completed Match

When it comes to One Day Internationals, you can wager on whether or not the game will get finished in time or not. It is a simple yes or no stake that the right research could win for you. Perhaps the weather will make it impossible, or a star player will get injured or dismissed?

Innings Runs

This bet requires that you correctly guess how many runs will get scored in the first innings of a game. Most online bookmakers will set this wager as an Over/Under, so the operator will post a total and you will be staking on whether the actual amount is more or less than that.

Match Betting

This is by far the most popular Cricket bet and is beloved by seasoned wagering veterans and total newcomers alike. It is a simple wager where you’ll be asked to choose from three possible outcomes. You will either stake on the home team winning, the away team taking first place, or the game ending in a tie. That is all there is to it and the rewards can be wonderful.

Tied Match

Another very simple bet to make, here you will once again be wagering either yes or no as to whether or not the game will end in a draw.

Top Batsman

If you know your Cricket players well, this stake will be right up your alley as it requires this kind of knowledge. Here you will be choosing which player you think is most likely to score the most runs during a single game or a series. You will be able to pick any athlete, from either of the teams taking part.

This bet is more difficult to get right so it has the higher associated payouts that all of the more challenging wagers have to recommend!

Top Bowler

This is another great wager for fans who get to know the world’s top Cricket players. The Top Bowler stake asks you to select which athlete you think is going to take the most wickets during an upcoming match or series. The odds once again reflect the difficulty of a correct estimate and we can’t advise doing your research any more highly than we do for this bet! Doing your homework could literally pay off!

Team of Top Batsman

If you are not totally confident that you know the name of the player that’s going to shine at batting you can opt for the easier wager, Team of Top Batsman. Sometimes this stake is offered as Team of Top Bowler too, but whatever the case, the general principle remains the same. Choose which player you think will come out on top.