Find Out What Kind Of Casino Player Are You?

Every player in a casino falls into three broad categories: professional, loyal or lucky. There are plenty of subdivisions within these categories, and players in the same category may not share the same motivations.

Sometimes, for instance, people might be in the “loyal” category more out of timidity than any special love for a game. A bit of encouragement could broaden their horizons forever.

Behold the three types of casino player:

The Professionals

These are the players who have done their homework; they understand maths and probability. You’ll find them playing games like Blackjack and Poker, where best betting options change according to each new card dealt.

If they take on any slots, it will always be the titles with the highest return-to-player percentages. Pro players will play these slots titles at maximum credits until they hit a big enough payout to turn a profit for the session, then switch machines.

The professional player has several subdivisions, like the veteran, the stats genius or the ultra-calm punter, and can overlap with the loyal player category. But other professional players could well be hotheads or chatterboxes: two subdivisions that don’t make many friends at the tables.

The Loyalists

These are players who find a game that they like, then stick with it; often for years of casino visits. It is a comfortable strategy in that it encourages you to become an expert in your chosen game, understanding exactly how all the odds work and eventually, training yourself to be able to bet on it like a professional.

Sometimes, players will not try any other games because they are afraid of unfamiliar wagers. But in many cases, their loyalty simply shows how much variety is available within that type of game: take slots, for example. They are by far the biggest attraction at all casinos, which is why every operation offers such a variety.

Some have return-to-player percentages as low as 92%, others can offer RTP as high as 97%:  meaning they return 97% of all the bets placed on them as winnings. By offering different titles at different RTP, casinos can make money off the “expensive” slots at unwary players’ expense. Loyalists with pro tendencies, of course, will research the titles that offer the best RTP.

The Lucky

Don’t misunderstand:  this group don’t win more wagers than the other two; if anything, they might win somewhat less. But they’re called “lucky” because when they do win, it is purely a matter of luck; there is certainly no planning, odds calculating, or finely judged betting involved on their part.

There’s nothing wrong with placing bets on a whim, and provided you only bet money you can stand to lose, it can be just as much of a kick as betting more scientifically. The risk is the thrill, not the winning, for social players.

That said, players who rely on luck are the kind casinos like the most. Wherever you play, remember that both land-based and online casinos constantly scan customer behaviour to identify different types of players. Those who trust to luck alone tend to run through bankrolls fast.