Exploring the Top 3 Most Popular Online Casino Games

Top 3 Most Popular Online Casino Games

Casinos have been around for as long as most of us can remember. And for just as long, they have remained a steadfast favourite form of entertainment amongst millions of people all over the world for a number of reasons.

However, there is no denying the fact that over the years, a few games have emerged as the most popular, not just in traditional casinos, but in their online counterparts as well. While it’s always good to mix it up and try something new every now and then, some games will remain at the top of most players’ lists for many years to come.

Below, you will find three games that are sure to number among them, regardless of whether or not they try to entice players with free spins.

Online Pokies

Everyone loves online pokies. With their bright colours, flashing lights and intricate sounds, they make for some of the most exciting online casino games around. They generally offer players plenty of bonus features and free spins, which makes them even more unpredictable and intriguing than they already are.

Online pokies like iPhone pokies generally have specific themes, each of which are carried throughout the game, from the symbols on the reels to the background music accompanying the game. It’s no wonder that the pokies offers have remained a firm favourite for many players over the past few years.


As one of the online casino games with the highest energy levels, craps is one of those games that everybody just loves to play. The online version often offers players bonuses, which naturally, motivates them to play the game even more – not that they really need motivation, of course.

With the dice at the center of this game, it is extremely unpredictable, which is perhaps why people love to play it so much. You never know what exactly you can expect from craps, but it always proves to be riveting entertainment.

Image of Craps


No mention of a casino, whether it be a traditional one or an online one, would be complete without the mention of poker. Traditional poker goes hand-in-hand with the classy, glamorous casinos from yesteryear, and the online version is no different.

Well, maybe it is a little bit different in that it offers players benefits and bonuses such as free spins for pokies, something which are simply not possible when it comes to traditional casinos. Either way, over the years, poker has made a name for itself and has remained a firm favorite amongst players from all over the world. By offering bonuses to poker players who also love pokies, the two games can be enjoyed with all the more rewards.

While the online versions of the games listed above have certainly had the ability to attract players with benefits such as bonus rounds and free spins, it cannot be said that these games are as popular as they are purely because of these offerings.

Furthermore, there are also plenty of other games that have managed to hold onto a firm place in the hearts of players too, but the three mentioned above have become synonymous with the thought of casinos. If you have yet to try any of these games out, join the rest of the world and see what they’re about!