Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slot Overview

Elvis Multi-Strike is a flat-top online video slot machine that is based on the exceptionally famous King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley was an American musician as well as an actor and is still considered one of the most memorable and influential cultural icons of the 20th century.

This slot is a game that features 5 reels, 3 different levels of play across 60 paylines and, aside from the given bonus of the multi-strike feature, has multiple bonus features, including 2 bonus rounds. This game can be played for free or for real money, with an app available for compatible mobile devices.

Elvis Multi-Strike Symbols

Elvis Multi-Strike slots display attractive imagery of the famous popstar Elvis from many aspects of his life, with symbols showing illustrations of a classic car, Elvis’s autograph, Graceland, a teddy bear, a guitar and a microphone – making up the low value symbols.

The game’s high value symbols are comprised of letter symbols, E, L, V, I, and S that make up the word Elvis and provides the highest paying combination of 10 000 coins when all 5 letters appear on the reels. Bonus symbols include a Fan-O-Meter symbol, a Photo Memories symbol, a Rockin’ Respins Bonus symbol, and a TCB Logo symbol, which was Elvis’s band, Taking Care of Business.

Rockin’ Respin Feature

The Rockin’ Respin is a bonus feature in Elvis Multi-Strike that is activated when 2 Photo Memories symbols on reel 1 and 2 and lock in place. This can happen on any level and also gives a scatter award when 4 of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels, applying a triple multiplier to a player’s total bet as well as the level multiplier for the duration of that spin.

Once a player has triggered the Photo Memories bonus, they are then prompted to spin the record in order to continue collecting pictures. The more a player collects, the more prizes they will earn.

Elvis Multi-Strike Features

The Multi-Strike feature in this game can be considered one of the highlights, with it being comprised of 3 levels and each level depending on the amount of paylines a player bets on. The 1st level is made up of the 20 paylines at the bottom 3rd of the reels, the 2nd is made up of paylines 21 to 40 in the middle level of the reels and the third and highest level is comprised of paylines 41 to 60.

Players can advance to a higher level in 2 different ways, with the 1st being that any win will push your next spin on to the next level. The second way is to activate the Free Ride feature which can be achieved by landing 3 Rockin’ Respin symbols anywhere on the reels. Players can benefit from progressing to higher levels, where all wins on the 2nd level are multiplied, all wins on the 3rd tripled and all wins on the 4th quadrupled.

Fan-O-Meter Bonus

Elvis Multi-Strike features a 2nd bonus game that is activated when 3 Fan-O-Meter symbols appear on a wagered payline. Players are then presented with 5 different illustrated televisions, with each displaying Elvis Presley songs and prompted to pick one. The television will then show Elvis concert footage, and the reaction from the audience will determine just how much the player is awarded.

If a player pegs the meter they will be awarded with an encore, which then means the player can pick another Elvis song and subsequently earn another prize.