Double Chance Betting

When you have placed a Double Chance wager on a Football match, or any other sport where there are three possible outcomes, you have got a better prospect of getting a return. You are covering two of the possible results and, for obvious reasons, these stakes are hugely popular.

How Does a Double Chance Bet Work?

In Cricket, Football, Hockey, NFL, Rugby, and other games, there are three choices when it comes to Outright wagering. You can back the home team to win, the away team to win, or the event to end in a draw. With a Double Chance stake, you increase your chances of success by combining two of these three outcomes into one bet.

The Home or Draw will see you win if the home team does or the match ends in a draw. The Away or Draw wager wins if the Away team beats the Home one or there is a draw. And the Home or Away stake only loses if there is a tie outcome.

The Advantages of Double Chance Bets

There are many benefits to be enjoyed from placing these kinds of wagers, with the most obvious one being that your likelihood of seeing a return is increased. It is also a great stake for backing the underdog if you have an inkling that an upset could occur. These bets let you back the underdog without needing them to accomplish a massive victory and you would win even if they get a much more realistic draw outcome.

Wouldn’t Two Bets Be More Profitable?

You will need to do your research when it comes to these wagers the same way you would with any others, since it may well be correct that two separate wagers could pay out more. This is where stake calculators, freely available online, come in very handy. They’ll quickly help you work out your potential profit before you put any money down.

Let us break down the potential profit for a fixture between Real Madrid and Barcelona and a total bet of 100.

Using the Double Chance option would get you odds of 1.14 for Real Madrid or a draw, 2.60 for Barcelona or a draw, and 1.25 for England or Poland. This means your wager of 100 will get you 114 for Real Madrid or a draw, 260 for Barcelona or a draw, and 125 for Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Splitting your stake into two bets of 50 would get you 1.53 on Real Madrid, 6.00 on Barcelona, or 4.00 on the draw. This makes your take 76.50 if Real Madrid wins, 300 if Barcelona wins, and 200 if they tie.

So, if you backed Real Madrid or the draw separately and Barcelona won, you would lose 24.50 on your 100 bet. Your overall profit for a draw would be 100. So, if you want to back Real Madrid but at less risk than putting the full 100 on them, the Double Chance is the best bet!