Develop Into Draw No Bet Possibilities

Draw No Bet wagers are most often used for Soccer game stakes and they work by eliminating the possibility of a draw from the betting odds. So you’re left with only those which pertain to the two teams taking part. If the match does end up in a draw, then your wager gets refunded.

Let’s create a hypothetical game between the Central Coast Mariners Football Club and the Adelaide United FC. The 1X2 odds are 1.70 for Adelaide United, 3.60 on a Draw result, and 5.00 for the Mariners. In comparison, the Draw No Bets are 1.28 for Adelaide United and 3.50 for the Mariners.

In this example, if you had an AU$100 wager on the Mariners to win you would get AU$250 back using the Draw No Bet line and your money back if a tie occurred. If Adelaide United wins you would forfeit your money.

Determining Draw No Bet Odds

The first step is to account for the possibility of a draw, so divide your AU$100 bet by those odds, 3.60. You get AU$27.78 and need to subtract that from your initial wager. The bookmaker does this because if the game does tie they need to refund you, essentially handing you AU$27.78 paid out at odds of 3.60.

Now the rest of your stake will back the team you have chosen, in this example the Central Coast Mariners. So, the AU$72.22 you have got left will go to them, at odds of 5.00. Your possible winnings come in at AU$361.10.

To find what the odds would be in a 1X2 stake, divide this win total by the amount you’re betting, AU$100. It comes to 3.61, higher than the Draw No Bet odds, so here it would be better to bet your AU$27.78 on the Draw at 3.60 and the remaining AU$72.22 on the Mariners at 5.

Taking the time to do this easy calculation sees you collecting AU$11 more if your team wins!

When to Use the Draw No Bet

Keep at this calculation until you know it forwards and backwards and understand it 100%. Then you will be able to make use of it going forward to quickly determine whether you should place a Draw No Bet or split your money, wagering enough on a Draw to get your initial outlay back and staking what is left on the team to win.

As you practice this simple sum you will see that, although the example shows the Draw No Bet odds offering less of a payout than making your own Draw refund using 1X2 odds doesn’t mean this will always be the case. Do this quick sum before you wager each time so that you’re sure you’re always making the highest possible return.

You’re not limited to only using this wager in Football, either. It can be used very profitably when you’re watching the Wallabies take on another team, the Baggy Greens hard at work, or the Boomers racking up another win!