Asian Handicap Bets Explained

Asian Handicap wagers are very popular with Soccer bettors, who like to use these as an alternative to the more traditional 1X2 lines that once dominated the sport. These stakes reduce the number of possible outcomes from three, like in 1X2 bets, down to just two.

Let’s say the Newcastle Jets have a handicap of 0.5 when facing the Perth Glory. This means that your wager on the Newcastle Jets will only pay out if the Jets win, but the +0.5 handicap on the Glory will pay out whether this team wins the game, or it finishes in a draw.

But! Things get a little more complicated when quarter goals and two-way handicaps get brought in. So, the Newcastle Jets could be a -0.25-goal favourite over Perth Glory. Although it looks strange at first, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this means the same as a 0.5 gaol handicap because the Jets will still cover the 0.25 goal spread and a draw or the Glory winning still beats this spread either way.

But the 0.25 Asian Handicap splits your wager in two. The first half becomes a -0.5 handicap and the second a 0 handicap, or no-draw bet. So, if the Jets win the game, your whole wager gets paid out. But if it ends in a draw, you’ll lose half of it and get the other half refunded.

Alternative Asian Handicap Lines

If your sportsbook offers a wide variety of odds, then there may also be a range of alternative Asian Handicap lines available that you could stake on for the game. Here are some others with the Jets winning:

  • Jets -0.5: This bet would be exactly like the 1X2 Line wager, but you’ll often find different odds for each. So be careful when staking on this line and remember to compare.
  • Jets (-0.75) 3.00: If the Jets win by two points or more your whole bet will pay out at odds of 3.00. If the Jets win by one point, half your wager will be paid out at these odds and the other half refunded. If the Jets lose, or the game ends in a draw, your stake will be forfeit.
  • Jets (-1.00) 4.25: If the Jets win by at least two points your whole bet pays out. If they win by just one you’ll get it refunded. If the match ends in a draw or the team loses, you’ll forfeit your wager.
  • Jets (-1.25) 4.80: If the Jets win by at least two points your whole stake will pay out. If they win by just one, you’ll get half. If there’s a draw or the Jets lose, so does your bet.

Asian Handicap Sports

Although Asian Handicaps are most frequently seen available for matches, they can be found for any sport where a draw is a frequent occurrence. That being said, there just aren’t that many other sports that end in draws with scores as low as in Soccer, so you’ll struggle to find Quarter and Two-Way Asian Handicap lines for anything else.